Artist Profile: James Rizzi

James Rizzi was an American artist known for his colorful and playful three-dimensional urban landscapes. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950, Rizzi developed a unique style that combined elements of pop art, cartooning, and street art. He was particularly well-known for his use of bright colors, whimsical figures, and architectural elements to create scenes of bustling city life. Rizzi’s works often incorporated elements of humor and satire, making them both visually appealing and thought-provoking. Over the course of his career, he gained a large following of fans who appreciated his distinctive style and imaginative use of space. Despite his passing in 2011, Rizzi’s legacy continues to influence contemporary artists, and his works are highly sought after by collectors. The piece below is featured in our February 15th Art & Design Sale. Follow the link below to view the listing and register to bid. LOT 33:James Rizzi Acrylic On Paper “A Toast To Love” ’92